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Miner is a Los Angeles/Silver Lake-based, folk-rock family band formed around husband/wife duo Justin & Kate Miner, along with brother Jeremy Miner. Starting as a Kickstarter-funded, bedroom-studio project inspired by a trip through Central and South America, Miner transformed into a touring band at the beginning of 2013 after recruiting more family and friends to put together the current live lineup. Miner Website
Julia Fordham
Julia Fordham began singing her own songs aged 14 in the folk clubs of England. Shortly after signing her first record deal, “Happy Ever After” was an international hit and went to #1 in Japan. Julia has sold millions of records and is known for her poetic songs, unique voice, soaring range and ease in spanning many musical genres. Julia lives with her family in Topanga. Julia Fordham Website
“…his new album is like riding on a cumulus cloud of peaceful awareness…at once uplifting while also serving as mini socio-economic/political history lessons interspersed with beautiful melodic love songs in his own cosmic blend of folk/country/rock/soul ear-pleasing genre-defying music”. Walt Falconer on

The Wild Reeds
When the gals in The Wild Reeds sing in harmony, it’s as if they’re long-lost triplets reunited at a campfire. The title track of their latest album, “Blind and Brave,” is an escalating swoon of folk pop grandeur. The Wild Reeds Website

Dan Navarro
Actor, singer and songwriter. In 2009, after 22 years and 12 albums with Lowen & Navarro, Dan released the spirited “Live at McCabe’s”, backed by his pals from Austin-based Stonehoney. His next album , “Shed My Skin” — his first studio album of new material—is slated for release soon. Dan Navarro Website
Peter Alsop
His many audio recordings and DVDs consistently win “Best Children’s” awards from organizations such as Parents’ Choice and the Association For Independent Music. His songs are used daily by thousands of parents, educators and human service professionals to help families discuss sensitive issues… Peter Alsop Website

Judith Owen
In a set of potent songs about love and loss, pain and joy, dreams and despair, the Welsh singer-songwriter fearlessly explores the duality of the human condition – and to do justice to the songs she turned to the legendary musicians who created the seventies troubadour sound. Judith Owen Website

Hani Naser
Hani Naser Multi-talented virtuoso percussionist and Oud player, a master in his field. Naser inspired Randy Lewis of the LA Times to call him a “Veritable Rhythm Wizard”. His talent has earned him the opportunity to perform and record with many of the most influential artists of this era… Hani Naser Website

Philip Boone
Indie Folk singer and songwriter lures his audience into a space for honest reflection with intricate melodic phrasing, warm tones, and soft sweeping vocals. He currently resides in Topanga Canyon in Southern California, the same mountains that inspired and protected Woody Guthrie, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell. Philip Boone Website
Gwendolyn’s compositions push the boundaries of expected time changes and ordinary song structure, yet a welcome familiarity remains. Addressing divergent topics that include insects, sexuality, politics and heartbreak, Gwendolyn presents life as she sees it and her listeners are presented with a surprise, and ultimately, a treasure. Gwendolyn Website
Linda Perhacs
On the strength of the album Parallelogram, recorded in 1970, Linda Perhacs remains a towering figure in the world of psychedelia, folk, female singer-songwriters, and acid-visionaries alike. Linda Perhacs Website
Paul Kenney
At the close of 2013 Paul recorded his latest record with music producer, Mark Howard, whose credentials are long and distinguished. He produced many mentors of Paul’s such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Waits, Willie Nelson, Emmy Lou Harris, U2, REM, and Lucinda William…more here.